How to Be a Maid of Honor: Throwing a Bachelorette Party

How to Be a Maid of Honor
By the time the bachelorette party rolls around, you will likely be tired and broke. Because of this, it will be the most important time to ask for help from the bridesmaids. They won't mind--everyone loves throwing a bachelorette party! It is traditional for the maid of honor to chip in and also get the other girls to help out in the cost. The bachelorette party supplies and entertainment. Again, it is traditional for all bridesmaids to help out with the cost and planning of these things, and for the bride to sit back and allow herself to relax before her big day.
How to be a maid of honor

The Bachelorette Party Kit

Getting a bachelorette party kit can save a world of headaches for the Maid of Honor. A bachelorette party kit. Bachelorette party kits include all of the supplies that the Maid of Honor would have to purchase separately, but includes them in a handy package. One of our favorites is the Sophisticate Bachelorette Party Kit, which is only $74.99 at Here is what it includes:

  • Invitations with pink and black martini glasses graphics
  • Black tank top that reads "Bride" in crystal rhinestones
  • Silver sparkles tiara that reads "Bachelorette" (we recommend purchasing a few extra Bachelorette tiaras for $6.99 each so everyone can have one)
  • Balloons
  • Wedding trivia game
  • Wedding ring shot glasses
  • Mini martini shot glasses
  • Martini glass with a veil attached to it for the bride
  • Banner that reads "Bachelorette Party" in pink and black
  • Penis breath mints

Even though the Sophisticate Bachelorette Party Kit doesn't include a Maid of Honor tiara, has one for $8.99. Go ahead and treat deserve to stand out!

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